• Frequently asked Questions

    How far will you travel for an event?

    500 miles is our general rule, however, we will travel further depending on the event.  (multiple days, cool places)

    Do participants sign a waiver?

    Yes, everyone must sign a Release of Liability that protects American Dyno Racing, the event, it's organizers and sponsors from liability .  

    Is there a contest or awards given for events?

    That's up to each event.  If the event chooses to run a competition, they must provide someone to organize and run it. 

    Is it safe for the rider and spectators?

    Yes.  When we strap a bike on the Eliminator, its not going anywhere.  Bikes are held using pneumatic front wheel chalks and a 5-point strapping system and ramp gates are raised to protect those waiting in line for their turn.

    Can dyno drag racing damage the bikes?

    That' s up to the rider. Running full out over 3, 1/4 mile races, the bikes get hot but if the temps are watched, the bike will be fine.  Weak and worn belts and chains will break under extreme stresses, such as really hard starts / launches. 

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