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    What we provide

    When we go to an event, we bring the Eliminator rig as well as our sound/PA system and collection of music. 

    We can provide music as well as a PA system for announcements. 


    We carry our own $2,000,000 liability insurance policy.  Additionally, we can add the event, sponsors and property owners to our policy.  *** This only covers claims involving American Dyno Racing, not your entire event.


    The Eliminator requires a relatively flat area approximately 40' x 30'.  See the LAYOUT DIAGRAM to get a better understanding of the space we need. 


    We are an EVENT SPONSORED activity, much like a band or stunt show.  We do not act as a vendor or charge people to ride the Eliminator.  Because every event is different, there is no "one price fits all".  Contact us for a quote.


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